Rev Sher McNeal 6Rev Sher is an ordained freelance minister in Golden Valley, Minnesota. She is committed to the growth and expansion of consciousness in all realms of living, leading to more passion, creativity and choice in one’s life. She loves doing ceremonials, especially weddings, memorials and other significant transitions in life. In addition, she offers spiritual counseling, life coaching and hypnotherapy sessions.

The goals of her ministry are to educate, facilitate, and encourage people:

–to be victorious in life,
–to identify and manifest dreams,
–to live with prosperity and peace, and
–to expand in spiritual consciousness.

Rev Sher’s study of psychology spans over 20 years, including Jungian Psychology and in depth training with Elizabeth Kübler Ross on the process of externalization or emotional release work. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Psychology from Loyola University and has many courses in Clinical Psychology from a number of schools. In 2014 she spent ten weeks in training at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, becoming a certified hypnotherapist, including medical hypnotherapy, and natal and past life regressions.

Rev Sher also has over 20 years experience in business, providing marketing consulting and research in nearly every industry. Much of this work dovetailed into Organizational Development work where she did extensive studies for large corporations on employee morale, human productivity, employee retention, and customer/employee satisfaction. She has conducted over 1,000 focus groups, many with employees as well as customers. Her MBA was obtained from the University of Colorado.

Twin Cities ministerAs an ordained minister through the Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly United Church of Religious Science), Rev Sher has studied all religions and considers herself an omni-faith minister embracing all religions. She is willing to provide ministerial services which respect and honor the spirituality of any individual or group. Her Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies was obtained from the accredited school, the Holmes Institute in Denver, Colorado.

Rev Sher’s ministry began as Senior Minister at Concordia Church in Rhode Island. After moving to Minnesota to be with her aging Father, she held positions as staff minister and Executive Director at Unity Minneapolis and was a transitional minister for Unity of the Valley in Savage, MN. Rev Sher is now a freelance minister with a focus on spiritual counseling, speaking, conducting weddings and memorials, and hypnotherapy.

“What I find truly marvelous about Sher is that she lives what she teaches and shares how she applies the concepts in her life. She has truly transformed my spiritual life and I am blessed and grateful. My goal is to thank her by sharing the insight with others and being an example for others of spirit in action!”    Paul Winter