The sacrament of baptism has been a part of humanity’s history for thousands of years. It is a recognition of the loving Presence and Infinite Power of the Spirit in each child. The seed of perfection is planted in every child and awaits only recognition to give complete expression of all that is good and wonderful in his life.

Hands holding babyFurther, it symbolizes the acceptance of a child into a spiritual community. The parents are charged with the responsibility of guiding this child to understand his/her personal spiritual identity. It is taking on of the realization of God’s Presence in and as our life, in the child and in each of us.

A christening is a very special time to celebrate the nature and naming of a new child, bringing family together as they set their intentions for this new life to be filled with joy, happiness, prosperity and spirituality.

“Christening” means the recognition of the child’s Christ Nature. We know the child is the embodiment of Divine Spirit, who has now begun a remarkable journey into human existence to experience the gift of Life.

Rev Sher is able to create loving ceremonies that bring family and loved ones together to celebrate the child, to set powerful intentions for the child’s life, to give their blessings and love, and to make commitments to guide the child in his/her journey to self discovery and God.