Memorials and Funerals

The passing of a loved one automatically brings us into a heart place, where feelings and emotions rise quickly to the surface of our being. Ceremony is especially important at this time.

Memorials and funerals are designed to truly honor the person who has passed and bring forth their life in glorious celebration. A ceremony is created that is rich with aspects of the loved one who has passed on, thereby giving emphasis to the gifts, the love, and the joys brought forth by this person.

Although the focus is on the beloved departed, these ceremonies are for the living, to assist them in celebrating the life of their loved one, to provide an opportunity to express their feelings, to be surrounded by loved ones, and perhaps to find that first step towards closure.

In meetings for planning a service, and while officiating a service, Rev Sher offers compassion, love, and an open heart in working with the loved ones of the deceased.

Several points to consider when planning a memorial/funeral:

  • Music is very important. It opens the heart  and enables those in attendance to have a few moments of quiet, reflective time. Choose music that is meaningful to the deceased, as well as the family and loved ones.
  • Display any mementos that are characteristic of the deceased or that had special meaning for him/her.  For example, if the person was an avid sports fan, sports memorabilia would be nice. Ask friends and family members for input about special touches that will help remember the loved one. This is a way for everyone to participate in creating a memorial.
  • Arrange for guest speakers who can provide a personal perspective on the deceased person’s life and legacy. Consider asking a special few to participate with readings.
  • Pictures on poster boards are wonderful ways to display the highlights of a person’s life, as well as a video of pictures assembled with music.

Sometimes the eulogy is prepared by family members or friends, and other times it is prepared by the minister. During meetings with the family, the minister will hear stories about the deceased, obtain a factual history, and then weave together a eulogy that captures key attributes of the deceased, as well as significant moments in his or her life. Rev Sher is a master at crafting a eulogy that opens hearts while presenting the essence of the life that is being remembered and honored.

Whether it is a funeral with or without a graveside gathering, or a memorial service, Rev Sher will work with those closest to the deceased to create a moving, loving, and memorable ceremony.  She understands the importance of dignity and respect for the deceased and love and compassion for the family and friends.

Specifically, Rev Sher provides the following:

  • A meeting with the family to share stories and memories of the deceased and to outline the service.
  • The creation of a service that comes from the heart, celebrates the life of the deceased, and incorporates the needs and desires of the family.
  • Officiating the memorial or funeral service and graveside service if that is also part of the ceremony.

At any time before, or after the service, Rev Sher is available for grief counseling.

Body Rituals
Rituals may be performed with the body prior to cremation or burial. The purpose is to sanctify and honor the body for carrying the Spirit of the loved one. There is a deep sense of gratitude as we realize the amazing gift of our bodies and the miracle they are in our lives.

Metaphorically, this may also be a final time to say “goodbye.” The body begins to change and transform, just as the Spirit of the individual has transformed out of the body and into the next plane of existence.

Releasing Ashes
Special rituals may be created when scattering the ashes at any time following the death of a loved one, sometimes days, months or even years later. Rev Sher is able to create a ritual that is sacred, meaningful, and memorable.

Pet Farewell Ceremonies
The death of a pet can be quite heart wrenching, since it is with a pet that unconditional love is often experienced. Ceremonies are powerful at the time when a pet is being put down, or at any time during the journey of letting go of the loved one.