Rev Sher McNeal 2Rev Sher McNeal is a dynamic public speaker. She captures your imagination as she weaves a story and then encourages you to use that imagination in creating a life that resonates with harmony, passion, and celebration.

Rev Sher is available to speak on many topics and frequently speaks in public venues as well as in churches and spiritual centers. She will research a specific area for you and develop a message that presents itself in many forms in order to accommodate the various ways in which people “hear.” She uses stories, illustrations, science, personal experiences and those of others.

Some talk titles are listed here, although her range of topics is extensive.

Victor Vs. Victim
Quantum Physics for Everyday
Where’s the Beef?
Practical Spirituality
Radical Forgiveness
The Art of Letting Go
Soul Mates of a Special Kind
The Secret to Failure
The Long and Winding Road
The Sneaky Liar Within

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“Sher is a dynamic speaker that weaves a story or lesson from her vast knowledge base on many subjects. She continually astounds me every time I listen to her speaking.  She embodies compassion, integrity, and ethics that I consider are very valuable characteristics and valued by me. She takes the time to listen and be open to possibilities.”    Jim Wilkins