Spiritual Counseling

Rev Sher McNeal 5Spiritual counseling is about discovering more about yourself, and maybe reinventing yourself, in order to solve problems, make decisions, expand your life, and manifest your dreams.

Rev Sher uses New Thought principles in her counseling process, such as:

–The Law of Attraction:  as we change our beliefs, our attitudes, our perspectives, our consciousness, we attract that which we desire in our lives.

–God is a Power and Presence in our lives, always available to us, when we are open and willing to receive our Divine Goodness.

–We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and thus, there is a larger story at work in our lives. As we come to accept and know this, we experience a greater celebration of who we are and the lives we live.

Topics that may be explored:

  • Discovering your life’s purpose
  • Finding your passion
  • Learning to accept and love yourself
  • Developing and using your inner power
  • Expressing yourself in new and powerful ways
  • Listening to and trusting your inner guidance
  • Changing your thinking and perspectives
  • Exploring new dimensions of your life
  • Moving through transitions
  • Working through dark and difficult times
  • Releasing negative emotions
  • Breaking through self-imposed limitations
  • Working through grief and loss
  • Forgiving yourself and others

Rev Sher uses a variety of counseling and coaching techniques to create a plan that is right for you. In addition, she will use other tools, including dreams, visioning and where appropriate, hypnotherapy.

Rev. Sher is available via Skype.

“Sher has been my greatest spiritual teacher, and counselor. I have taken many classes from Sher, Science of Mind, Visioning, Emotional Release, and Radical Forgiveness.  These classes and the counseling have helped me through some tough times and decisions.  I highly recommend her for her classes or counseling or both.  Also she has the most beautiful, helpful prayers.”     Gay