Transition Ceremonies

On the journey of life, there are changes; some of these changes we initiate and others are forced upon us. For the significant changes, those that involve deep emotions, it is important and oftentimes essential, for us to find meaning in our experiences.

Transition ceremonies enable us to seek out meaning and acknowledge the change or the transition that is underway. It is a time to acknowledge what is ending and what is beginning, to feel and express the emotions, and to open our eyes to new possibilities.

Rev Sher will create a ceremony for whatever transition you are experiencing, that you would like to acknowledge with ritual and meaning. These transitions may include, and yet are not limited to, the following:

–Change in relationship:  getting a divorce or ending a long-term relationship; or moving in with someone;

–Changes in work life:  retirement, losing a job, or getting a new job;

–Changes in your home:  selling a house, buying a house, or having a mortgage paid off;

–Personal changes:  arriving at a special age such as 50, or 75, or some age that has special significance for you;

–Changing your lifestyle or changing your physical appearance markedly;

–Inner changes:  spiritual awakening, changes in self-image or values, discovery of a new dream or letting go of an old one.

In the cycle of life, for every beginning, there is an ending, and for every ending, there is a beginning. Rev Sher is available to help you through your transitions in life with spiritual counseling and with transition ceremonies that help you find meaning and purpose that will open your heart and mind to new possibilities.

I had a closing ceremony for my business and Rev Sher not only officiated but developed the whole ceremony with music, ritual, and words of wisdom. Her style in the dedication encompassed all that mattered to me, including clearing the space and blessings to me, my future and to my family and friends who attended.

Rev Sher intuitively knows how and what to say. She is gifted and blessed with this talent!

Jean    Mpls, Mn.